Five tips for creating a logo

July 19, 2021 | Marcy Basile

Nothing stops a new business owner like creating a logo: Will it be cool? Will clients recognize it? What colors should I chose? What if I hate it in a year? 

Stop overthinking it!  

A logo is not the end all, be all of your business. It's merely a graphic representation of the company combined with your personality. Simple enough, right? RIGHT??

Here are five tips to take the stress out of logo creation:

  • Do some research. Take a virtual trip across the internet and look for images that catch your eye. Don't overthink this step! If you like a logo, graphic, photo, it!

  • Unleash your patronus. Inspiration can be found anywhere! Every artist, architect, and writer latched on to an idea and ran with it. What makes you smile? Could be a color scheme, an animal, a trinket. Follow your instincts but don't overthink it! your image is out there; eventually you'll find it.

  • Sprinkle in some sparkleFound your image muse? Let's kick it up a notch! Transition from imagination to reality using a logo design app or hire a graphic designer.

  • Don't sweat the process. Ch-ch-choices! Whether you used an app or a real, live designer, you'll have options. So. Many. Options. Go with what stands out; make changes as necessary. But don't overthink it!

  • Celebrate! Your new logo looks great! It represents your brand and speaks to your client persona. Great job! Now, go show it off and wow everyone!