Fitness / Wellness

Calling all gym owners, personal trainers, sports leagues, yoga gurus and athletes! You've spent a lifetime honing your talents, shouldn't your web site reflect that same passion? The Blue Setter team will help you flex your muscles to achieve your personal best.


Design a face mask from a bra? Check. Recycle garage-find paint into stunning graffiti? Check check. Willing to take the time to craft that web site your been 'meaning to get to' for a few years? Leave that to us. Check. Check. Check.

Salon & Spa

Let's cut through the salon/spa drama and get down to the tea; your web site needs to stand out from the pack (looking at you free salon biz website templates). Am I right?? You are a master behind the chair and your web site should reflect that, honey! And, don't get started about the overused, inaccurate spa photos!


Kicking corporate ass is HARD. You spend long days in a crowded office surrounded by coworkers who are ok with status quo. But you're a BOSS; time to break out of the corporate rat race and create your own destiny. You've got the skills; we'll take care of the rest.

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