Julia Mattern Career Services

Kicking corporate ass is HARD. You spend long days in a crowded office surrounded by coworkers who are ok with status quo. But you're a BOSS; time to break out of the corporate rat race and create your own destiny. You've got the skills; we'll take care of the rest. Client profile: Julia Mattern Career Services

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Mighty Helpful Massage

Let's cut through the drama and get down to the tea; your web site needs to stand out from the pack (looking at you free biz website templates). Am I right?? You are a master of healthy balance and your web site should reflect that! And, don't get started about the overused, inaccurate spa photos! Client profile: Mighty Helpful Massage

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Connect Bodyworks

Calling all gym owners, personal trainers, sports leagues, yoga gurus and athletes! You've spent a lifetime honing your talents, shouldn't your web site reflect that same passion? The Blue Setter team will help you flex your muscles to achieve your personal best. Client profile: Connect Bodyworks

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Mary Beth Braun

Balancing life and work is a struggle. Multitasking isn't just a term for you, it's a lifestyle. When life gives you lemons not only do you make lemonade but also lemon bars and limoncello. Running a multifacited business is Blue Setter Creative's jam, too. Client profile: Mary Beth Braun.

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